Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie In Turmoil? Who Will Play Christian Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie, has suffered a big setback as its lead star, Charlie Hunnam, announced over the weekend that he was dropping the role.

On top of the announcement it was also reported that Hunnam’s co-star Dakota Johnson, playing Anna Steele in the movie, was “having a very hard time dealing with the press.”

The Inquisitr reported today that: “A source told E! Online that: “Dakota is having a very hard time dealing with all the press. When she first got the role, it was way too much for her.”

The announcement of Charlie Hunnam’s intention to back out of the Fifty Shades of Grey role is bad news for some but not for others.

Many enthusiasts were ecstatic that he was dropping out of the movie favoring what would be their dream casting of actors such as Matt Borner or Ian Somerhalder.

In order for the Universal Pictures/Focus Features duo to meet their mid-november production start date they need to move pretty fast if they are to fill the shoes of Christian Grey.

Here are some Tweets from Fifty Shades enthusiasts and fans on the Charlie Hunnam news and who they want to see in the lead role of the film:

In the statement Hunnam essentially said that the effect on his life of playing Christian Grey in the film was too much to handle. He cited an: “immersive TV schedule, which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare.”

E.L James, the book’s author, who heard about the news from Charlie Hunnam, expressed no hard feelings for his dropping out of the role.

She Tweeted: “I wish Charlie all the best. x,”

It remains to be seen who will be chosen to play the Christian Grey role in the upcoming movie. It also isn’t clear when the film will commence production due to the recent setbacks.

Here is the unofficial trailer for the movie:

Who would you like to see as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Let us know in the comments feed below.