Kim Kardashian Goes Keto! Her Smart Baby Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Kim Kardashian has gone keto, the star admitted, after a fan asked her to dish on her baby weight loss secret.

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Kim Kardashian would be tormented in the public eye after the summer birth of baby North West when it comes to her figure and post-baby body.

It’s awful that women are so closely monitored when it comes to their bodies — and we hated the images comparing Kardashian to Shamu when she was pregnant. Body policing is yucky, but we also have to acknowledge that Kim is pretty visible in the public eye.

Kardashian is also a person women might look to for advice on style, and the star has a lot of access to the best nutritionists, trainers, and other helpers to create her polished look. Naturally, if Kim is doing it, celeb mag buying America thinks it’s probably a good idea.

And when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s baby weight loss, they may be right. The not yet Mrs. Kanye dished about her post-baby diet regimen, and while we’re no fan of diets, she picked probably the most effective, awesome, and bearable one.

Kardashian said “Atkins” in her tweet, but a lot of people who follow the “diet” refer to a similar way of eating as “keto,” and it totally rocks. If Kim wanted to shed baby weight on a timeline, Atkins or keto is often recommended for similar purposes because it works a lot more quickly than low-fat or low-calorie dieting. (Awesome keto resource: Reddit!)

Colette Heimowitz, Vice President of Nutrition for Atkins Nutritionals, commented on Kardashian’s baby weight loss tweet in a statement, saying:

“Kim Kardashian wanted a balanced and effective way to lose weight following her pregnancy and she chose Atkins… [Dr. Atkins] ate lots of lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats like avocado and nuts. She experienced previous success on the plan, and knew she needed something that works.”

While new moms like Kim Kardashian should be left alone to enjoy their babies, we can’t think of a less torturous diet than Atkins… have you done the low-carb thing and had good results?