Ed Sheeran Goes Old-School Rap In Song With Lupe Fiasco

Ed Sheeran had said he wanted his music to have more of a hip-hop influence, and on Monday the singer-songwriter followed through on the pledge.

Sheeran released a new single that saw him team up with rapper Lupe Fiasco for an old-school hip-hop jam. The song, “Old School Love,” features Lupe rapping and Sheeran singing the hook, “As long as I’m here/ As long as you love me/ Give me that old-school love right now.”

Ed Sheeran isn’t just playing in the world of hip-hop. Though the British singer is known for his moody ballads, he also seems serious about his love of rap music. He’s been seen hanging out with The Game and Rick Ross, and he and friend Taylor Swift have vowed to “pretend to be rappers” if they won a VMA.

“Old School Love” is actually part of Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming album, but Sheeran told fans they can expect some rap on his sophomore effort.

“It’s not like I’ve kind of grown up or evolved — you know how artists say (BS) stories about how they’ve grown up with their fans or whatever — I’m just into a lot of different music,” he said. “My first record was written at a time where I was very influenced by certain acoustic singer/songwriters, and this record has been very influenced by me listening to a lot of hip-hop and acoustic singer/songwriters. So it’s a bit of both.”

Sheeran even compares his second album to one of the most influential hip-hop albums of all time.

“I’ll probably get shot for saying this,” he said, “but it’s more in the vein of a Lauryn Hill, Miseducation (of Lauryn Hill) kind of vibe.”

Ed Sheeran has been touring with Taylor Swift, and is living in Nashville while he completes his sophomore album.