‘Walking Dead’ Shatters Record With 16.1 Million Viewers

Walking Dead Season 4 trailer

AMC saw some huge ratings during Breaking Bad’s finale last month but that was nothing compared to the premiere of The Walking Dead.

The zombie show brought in more a record shattering 16 million viewers last night.

In comparison, the finale of Breaking Bad brought in 10.3 million viewers. According to the NY Times, the previous record for a cable entertainment program was 12.4 million viewers.

In addition to having a huge audience, The Walking Dead premiere also scored big ratings in the highly sought 18-49 demographic. Entertainment Weekly reports that the season four premiere had an 8.2 rating which is higher than any other entertainment show this season. The Big Bang Theory had a 6.1 rating in the group during its first night this year.

Last night’s premiere had attracted 10.4 million viewers in between the ages of 18-to-49. That’s larger than Breaking Bad’s total audience during the finale last month.

AMC President Charlie Collier said: “Sincere thanks to the fans, who have welcomed The Walking Dead back for its fourth season with the highest-rated episode in the show’s history.”

The Walking Dead brought in a huge audience for AMC last night and helped The Talking Dead, a talkshow dedicated to everything zombie, score another 5 million viewers.