Matt Bomer As Christian Grey? Hunnam Out, Fans Speculate [Video]

Matt Bomer Grateful For 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Fan Support

Could Matt Bomer finally be given the role of Christian Grey, now that Charlie Hunnam has bowed out of the role in the hottest book adaptation since Twilight?

When Matt Bomer was passed over for Hunnam over the summer, the anguished lament of a thousand fangirls could be heard across the social web. Hunnam was a very pleasing to the eye choice to portray the young and sadistic billionaire at the heart of the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy — but fans are never truly pleased with a star’s casting until the film hits theaters.

However, Hunnam wasn’t to be as Christian, and after a few weeks in prep for the role, the Sons Of Anarchy star dropped out… leaving the cycle of “who will be Christian Grey” to begin all over again for eagerly and impatiently waiting fans.

Bomer was what seemed like a fan first choice, and when Hunnam was announced, many were incredibly disappointed. But now that the role is, for the time being, wide open, Bomer’s name is popping up again as a replacement Christian Grey.

It was actually always there — for some reason, the White Collar star, who appeared on Live With Kelly And Michael this morning, seemed a natural Christian Grey to the books rabid fanbase.

Over on Twitter, you can actually see the hopes getting up in anticipation, and fans are tweeting:

While Matt Bomer is clearly a fan favorite, there has to be a good reason Charlie Hunnam was initially selected — who’s your choice for Christian Grey in the second round of casting for Fifty Shades?