Chris Christie: ‘If I Was In Congress, I’d Kill Myself’

Chris Christie is known for speaking his mind and recently he let everyone know how he feels about the situation in Washington, D.C. saying, “If I was in Congress, I’d kill myself.”

Channeling the frustration that the public feels about the government shutdown and the inability of Congress to reach a deal with the Obama administration, the New Jersey Governor and rumored 2016 Presidential hopeful added, “It’s ridiculous.”

Christie has been very successful telling it like it is, and with the shutdown dragging on for yet another week, he had some more choice words for our elected leaders.

“You get hired to do a job. Do your job!” he said. “There are too many people down here who spend all their time pontificating rather than working. And that applies to both parties. I don’t have patience for that.”

The 51-year-old Republican was at the Italian embassy to receive the Points of Light volunteer award.

Chris Christie made the comment to the Philadelphia Inquirer while meeting with their editorial board.

This is not the first time Christie says that being in government makes him feel like taking his own life. In 2011, while trying to dismiss rumors of a Presidential run, he explained himself: “I was being dramatic to make a point—that it’s a waste of time.You know me. I’m not into wasting time. That’s what I meant by the comment.”

But you get the point. The New Jersey governor is only saying what many around the country are thinking. Congress’ approval ratings hit an all time low at 5 percent.

“You send people down here to run the government, not to shut it down. And everybody’s failed.” Christie tells The Daily Beast and adds the shutdown is affecting New Jersey residents, although not dramatically. Yet.

Chris Christie describes the current stalemate as “an awful example in governance” and the reason why people don’t have faith in their elected leaders.

What do you think of Chris Christie’s remarks? Right on or in poor taste?