Strip Club Lawsuit: ‘Privilege’ Sues Patron Over $321K Bill

Strip Club Sues Man Over Large Bill

A strip club lawsuit is underway in Houston with the gentleman’s club Privilege going to war with James Jay Beckman and his employer, CIT Group, over an alleged $321,000 bill.

The report comes by way of ABC affiliate KTRK. According to the website, Beckman claims he did not make the charges.

Privilege is located in southwest Houston — we’ve heard, it’s not like we’ve been there or anything — and according to their allegations, which began on July 4 and ran through the first week of August, the defendants patronized the establishment “13 to 14 times,” racking up around $25,000 in charges for each trip.

All charges were made on an American Express Card. According to the lawsuit, Beckman and CIT told the credit card company that they are in no way responsible. AMEX refunded all charges as a result, and that’s what technically led to the strip club lawsuit.

While neither Beckman nor Privilege was willing to issue an official comment on the matter, KTRK did get their own legal analyst, Joel Androphy, to weigh in. Here’s what he had to say: “If somebody excessively ran his bill, then he has a case. That’s a different story,” he said. “But if these are legitimate charges, and he just doesn’t want to pay it, then he’s going to be severely damaged in his reputation.”

(Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

CIT issued the following statement: “We had no prior knowledge or involvement in Mr. Beckman’s alleged activities. We consider this a personal matter between Mr. Beckman and Houston KP, LLC.”

The lawsuit has also alleged that “the defendants” did the same thing at other clubs, though no specific clubs were mentioned in the paperwork.

(Whether it’s true or not, at least Beckman isn’t Curt Schilling. A $321,000 debt would be small potatoes to that poor guy.)

Aside from the strip club lawsuit, have you ever known someone who was accused of running up a massive bill? If so, how bad was the damage?

[Image via Privilege Club website]