Lijana Wallenda And Brother Nik Finish Tightrope Walk At Charlotte Motor Speedway

Nik Lijana Wallenda Charlotte Motor Speedway

Lijana Wallenda and her brother Nik Wallenda completed a tightrope walk at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Nik received a friendly warning from NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer, who wrote on Twitter, “Hey Nik Wallenda! This track doesn’t exactly have a good track record with cables.”

Bowyer was referring to an issue with Fox TV cable wires used to support cameras, which failed in May. reports that the wires crashed onto the track and damaged to several cars during the Sprint Cup race.

Thankfully, the Wallendas had no issues. Nik and Liijana successfully completed a dual walk across 460-foot wire 150 feet above the race track. The siblings began on opposite ends and crossed in the middle. The cross forced Lijana to crouch on one leg while Nik eased over her.

While Nik Wallenda is known internationally, thanks to a recent jaunt he took over the Grand Canyon, Lijana Wallenda isn’t a household name. Both are part of the famous Flying Wallendas, a circus act and family of daredevil stunt performers who often do high wire stunts without the aid of a safety net.

Nik enjoyed performing with his sister on Saturday night, according to ABC News. He told reporters, “It was exciting to perform together again. We don’t perform like this very often. We’ve never performed this high and this far apart before and this was the first time in many, many years.”

It was the second year in a row for Nik Wallenda, but the first time Lijana performed at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He added, “It’s always exciting to perform in front of race fans, for one, because they’re such an outgoing audience. And to have them so quiet while we perform — there’s a lot of respect there.”

Thankfully, just like Nik’s tightrope over the Grand Canyon, everything went off without a hitch and he and Lijana completed the walk across the track at CMS.

[Image via Twitter]