F-35 Fighter: Israeli Company Selected To Supply Helmets For Pilots


F-35 stealth fighter pilots are to be equipped with hi-tech helmets made by an Israeli company.

The Associated Press reports that this news was made public by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in Jerusalem on Sunday.

In his statement, he said that Elbit Systems and its US partner Rockwell Collins, have been chosen by the Pentagon and F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin, to supply helmets for the next generation of the Fighter.

This warplane is planned to serve as the backbone of future American air power.

Ya’alon congratulated Elbit Systems on their partnership in the design of the helmet for this flagship project, and their involvement in the production of the most advanced warplane in the world.

Ya’alon also pointed out that Israel Military Industries already manufactures aircraft parts F-35 project. “The choice of Elbit Systems to produce the pilots’ helmets is a vote of confidence in Israel’s defense industries and their people,” he added.

The Israeli daily, Yediot Aharanot, reported that Israel has so far ordered 19 of the aircraft and intends to buy more. The article continues:

“The new helmet, which is to be manufactured in the United States, is capable of putting flight data as well as data about weapons systems and intelligence before the pilot’s eyes.

The helmet allows the pilot to see images from the cameras on the plane, including on its nose. This allows the pilot to ‘see through’ the front of the plane and is very helpful in dogfights and in bombing targets on the ground.”

The helmet will be delivered as standard with every F-35 purchased around the world from 2016.

The F-35 has been designed to replace fighters in the US Air Force, Navy and Marines. The program is already the most expensive in US military history with a price tag of $395.7 billion.