Bruce Willis Parodies Himself On SNL

Bruce Willis SNL

Bruce Willis hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night and he won over viewers while parodying himself and playing several other funny characters.

In one sketch Willis plays a Navy SEAL who is preparing for a mission. Each man begins by telling their commanding officer what they will be doing. Willis’ character was supposed to be sitting in the van, instead he explains a large number of ridiculous tropes he plans to play out.

Willis’ plan begins by kicking in the bad guy’s door and asking if anyone ordered pizza and ends with him diving out of an exploding room and landing in a Ferrari with a beautiful blonde.

Later in the show Willis unleashed an Armageddon parody in which he leads a bunch of hardened guys into space. However, Bobby Moynihan also joins the trope as a guy more concerned with getting home to Earth to see his kitten.

In another funny moment called “Boy Dance Party” Willis shows what guys do when wives are away on Football Sunday. That clip, to be released later in the day, is likely to go viral. In one scene Moynihan sings:

“In the older days, the ladies stayed at home and guys went to work. Now it’s time for the ladies to get out so the boys can stay home and twerk.” The refrain repeats, “shake the sack.”

The night was Moynihan heavy as he also appeared as Willis’ son in his opening monologue as Willis played the harmonic.

In the shows big political moment they parodied the government shutdown with the help of the movie Gravity. In the scene two astronauts are stranded in space because NASA workers have been sent home. When the astronauts call home they are greeted by two janitors played by Kenan Thompson and Kate McKenon.

“In Willy Wonka. Charlie and Grandpa use a series of small burps to get down,” Thompson suggested.

Katy Perry sang on the show, but did not appear in any sketches.

SNL has a short blackout period and returns Oct. 26 with host Edward Norton and musical guest Janelle Monae.