Democrats Send Ted Cruz A Fruit Basket, Say ‘Thanks’ For Destroying GOP

Ted Cruz is many things, depending on what’s you’re reading. He’s the only guy in Washington standing up for our God-given rights, says the far-right. He’s a zealot and a crank, says the middle-right. But to Democrats, Cruz is one thing above all others: A hero.

President Obama’s Democratic supporters sent the Texas pol a fruit basket on Friday to congratulate him on the success of his continuing fight against the Affordable Care Act.

Not because he’s actually succeeding in seeing the controversial law repealed or defunded, but because his dogged fight is pretty much destroying the GOP and locking-in an indefinite ideological majority for the progressive vision.

Americans United for Change and former Democratic Party communications direction Brad Woodhouse sent the gift along with a card thanking him for increasing the popularity of Obamacare.

“Dear Ted. A Texas sized thank you!! Thanks to you, Obamacare is more popular and the GOP is less so. Keep up the Good Work!! Yours, Americans United for Change.”

Cruz has been accused of standing at the center of a forced rift within the Republican Party between an extreme right Tea Party coalition and everyone else. This, on top of the GOP’s attempts to find compromise with the unified Democrats, is what’s making the situation in Washington so difficult right now. Instead of two parties refusing to budge, it’s more like three parties refusing to budge.

Though Cruz is a professed ideologue for conservative values, Woodhouse says he’s the opposite. He called Cruz the “embodiment of the Tea Party,” and added that the new coalition doesn’t care about the Republican Party.

Image: Gage Skidmore