iPhone 5S Blue Screen Error, Complaints Rolling In

iphone 5s ios 7 blue screen of death error

New owners of the long awaited Apple iPhone 5S are now reporting issues with the device, including a blue screen error. The ‘blue screen of death’ is reportedly occurring after accessing certain apps and then attempting to reboot the iPhone 5S.

Many user have complained about the blue screen of death while using Apple’s Numbers, Pages, or Keynote apps, but similar issues have been seen with some of the other iPhone 5S apps, including Facetime and the Camera app. It’s interesting that this error seems to mainly be occurring with Apple’s own applications however, there are a few reports of it happening after using third-party applications.

Numerous tweets are coming in from concerned users, especially since the blue screen of death is being seen on devices that came out just a few weeks ago. Although the blue screen error is affecting a large amount of iPhone 5S users, it only lasts for a few seconds before the regular device reboot occurs.

Reports of the blue screen of death are increasing now that more and more people have received their new iPhone 5S. Apple has already had to release iOS 7 updates in order to fix lock screen bugs, but has yet to release an update to solve the mysterious blue screen of death.

There are dozens of posts about the iPhone 5S error in Apple’s support forums and even more complaints on Twitter. We hope that Apple will be coming out with an update within the next couple of weeks to fix the blue screen of death, but has yet to release any details as to when that update may make an appearance.

Luckily, the iPhone 5S’ blue screen error does not ruin the device. Instead, it simply causes a delay in the reboot, but no matter what, blue screen errors should not be occurring with newly released hardware and software.