The Anaheim Kings?

Before I get into this I really have got to say that this looks like a very bad idea. Sure it might only be a rumor, but if this is the kind of things the NBA wants to do, it seems pretty clear the it must contract because there are far too many basketball teams. The NBA, and Commish David Stern have given up trying to the Sacramento Kings a new stadium in Sacramento. Which likely means the team will be sold or relocated of both. It seems that some talks have come up about moving the team to Anaheim and the Honda Center.

For those of you keeping score at home that would give the Los Angeles are three NBA franchises. One is the worst run professional sports team in America, the other are one of the best and they both play in the same building. I fail to see how moving another NBA franchise to this area grows he sport of basketball or how anyone could sell this as improvement.

The Maloof family has racked up some serious debt while operating the Kings. They want to see a chunk of the team to Henry Samueli to rid them of some of those debts and have the team play in the building where Henry’s Anaheim Ducks currently play. The problem with that is the Kings would likely have to pay huge sums of money to the LA Lakers and Clippers for invading their market.

If this is the best the Maloof’s can come up with maybe they should not be operating the Kings anymore, and if the NBA is dumb enough to put three teams in one market…. Well I just don’t know what else to say.

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