Poll: 60-70 Percent Of Americans Say Fire ALL Of Congress, Start Over

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There have been a number of humorous polls lately that capitalize on America’s general distaste for Congress right now. Who can forget the classic “Do you like dog poop better than Congress?” poll, am I right? But it’s possible that America truly is fed up in a bipartisan way with both Democrats and Republicans on the hill… so much so that over half of us want to fire everyone.

Let’s break down the new HuffPost/YouGov poll we’re talking about into convenient, easy-to-digest bullets:

  • Only 25 percent said that their own district reps deserve re-election
  • 47 percent wouldn’t represent members of Congress from their district.
  • 27 percent aren’t sure, so, go ahead and fire them.

Compare that to a Gallup poll taken last November when:

  • 59 percent thought their rep deserved re-election.
  • 30 percent felt he or she didn’t.

Gallup said that since they started taking the poll in 1991, the number of folks who don’t think their rep. deserves re-election has never been higher than 40. But hey, polls have been setting records lately.

Okay, so discontent with the government is at an all-time high, and some polls show that public sentiment is even worse. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Thursday shows that 60 percent of Americans think that every member of Congress needs o be replaced, including their own. This means John Boehner, this means Harry Reid, this means Ted Cruz, this means Nancy Pelosi, this even means the quirky/beloved junior members like Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren.

HuffPost/YouGov’s poll found that number to be much larger when respondents were asked about members beside their own elected officials. But even if you wan to protect your guys and girls, 70 percent want to see everyone else go.

Funny how Congress can’t agree on anything, yet we all agree on how much we seem to hate them.

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