‘Breaking Bad’s’ Walter White Got An Obit, Now He Gets A Funeral

Breaking Bad’s Walter White first got an obituary and now he gets a funeral, a real one, with proceeds going to charity.

Walter was one of those iconic characters that will live on for years to come, beyond the series finale and the fact that someone took the time to write a real obituary which actually published in a newspaper speaks volumes of how fans of the show feel about him.

The fictional character played by Bryan Cranston, was an end stage cancer stricken meth distributor, but he had good intentions, to take care of his family once he was gone. He was killed in the finale.

Walter’s funeral will take place October 19 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, if you’re interested in attending. Mourners will gather as they would for a real funeral. It will be followed by a reception at a local steak house.

The Wrap reports that AMC’s set decorator for Breaking Bad, Michael Flowers will deliver White’s eulogy for those attending.

Guests will need to make a monetary contribution, with all proceeds going to Vernon’s Steakhouse Walter White Endowment Fund at the Albuquerque Community Foundation benefiting Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless (AHCH).

Michael Baird, the restaurant owner commented:

“This is an enormous opportunity for the Albuquerque community to benefit again from the worldwide phenomenon of Breaking Bad. With this event and the creation of the [charity], Walter White’s legacy and final amends will have a positive impact on Albuquerque for many years to come.”

The funeral and reception are being organized by Breaking Bad fan Jackamoe Buzzell, who after seeing the obituary published in the Albuquerque Journal last Friday found inspiration to come up with the fundraiser.

Buzzell thought it was a tribute to Walter and an appropriate send off not only for the character, but the show which brought so much to the community in Albuquerque, where Breaking Bad was filmed.