A Gay Rom-Com In Development With Channing Tatum Attached

Channing Tatum romcom

Channing Tatum has had a fantastic year both personally and professionally. He welcomed an adorable little girl, and skyrocketed as a bonafide star with Magic Mike. So how do you go up from playing a stripper that everyone wants?

For Tatum it’s signing up for Bridesmaids Paul Feig’s new gay rom-com. Feig let the cat out of the bag in regards to Channing Tatum signing on for his next gay rom-com. Speaking with CinemaBlend, Feig said that he hopes his new gay rom-com will turn the genre on its head.

One way to turn the genre on its head is to have Channing Tatum attached to star. The premise for the film is that an average guy gets involved with another who is supposed to be super hot, which makes it difficult for the average guy to cope with. Attached to star opposite Tatum is regular guy John Milhiser. If you don’t recognize the name, then you may know him as SNL’s newcomer, who was introduced to Lorne Michaels by Feig.

For Channing this is a much needed welcome back to comedy. Although he scored with Magic Mike, and in indie drama Side Effects, Tatum really showed off his comedic chops in 21 Jump Street, and again in a cameo for This Is the End, where he became Danny McBride’s sex slave.

Besides the new gay rom-com comedy, Channing has a full plate. He’s currently filming 22 Jump Street, the obvious sequel to 21 Jump Street, and he has Jupiter Ascending starring opposite Mila Kunis in post-production. In addition Tatum may garner terrific reviews and a little awards glory in 2014 for Foxcatcher, which sees him playing on Olympic champion.

Do you think Channing Tatum is the best pick for Paul Feig’s gay rom-com?