Train Hits Kansas Man, He Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

A man in Kansas was recently hit by a train and he lived to tell about it. Not only did the man survive the accident, he picked himself up off the ground, brushed himself off, and walked away as if nothing happened.

Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones says a BNSF conductor slowed down the train when he saw 25-year-old Kristopher Wenberg on the tracks in Topeka, Kansas. The conductor also blew the trains horn to warn the man about a possible deadly accident.

Following the man being hit by a train he told deputies that he didn’t year the warning.

According to Jones after Wenberg got up he made a phone call as he walked himself to a local hospital.

Despite being hit by a train Kristopher only suffered minor cuts on his legs and shoulder.

He may have survived the train accident but now he faces criminal trespassing charge. It is against the law to walk on train tracks for any reason.

Details from the train accident have not clarified why Wenberg could not hear the warning whistle from the train. Anyone who lives within even a few blocks of train tracks knows that the warning whistle from a train is very loud and obvious, oftentimes even if you listen to the whistle from inside a building.

Are you surprised that someone can be hit by a train and then simple get back up and walk away without any serious injury?