Canadian Sex Offender, Michael Sean Stanley, Escapes Into US

Canadian Sex Offender Michael Sean Stanley Escapes Into US

A Canadian sex offender has escaped into the US, and both US and Canadian police are at a stand still because he can’t be arrested at this point in time.

Now that is quite the predicament. The offender, Michael Sean Stanley cannot be arrested in the US because he is not wanted on any charges here say officials according to ABC News.

The report continued on to say that Stanley had been released from prison in April 2011 after completing a 32 month sentence for assault and “was being monitored by police under a “peace bond” which had 20 conditions, including staying away from children.”

Police say he was also ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet, which is where all the trouble began, after he cut it off before he went on the run.

“EPS detectives were able to confirm with U.S. customs and border protection that Stanley crossed from British Columbia into Washington state at the Blaine border crossing on the evening of October 7,” said Edmonton Detective Chris Hayduk at a news conference held Thursday afternoon according to CBC News.

According to ABC News, before Stanley crossed into the US, there had been multiple reported sightings of him in Canada.

The reporting got so frequent that they ended up putting schools under lockdown.

“Specifically, we have no authority to go get him,” said Hayduk.

“We are investigating his crossing, taking a look at the details of his crossing, into the United States … For us, it would have been the best outcome to have caught him before that. So for him to be in the States is a concern that those agencies are going to follow up for sure.”

ABC News continued on to say that authorities believe they know of Stanley’s location, but police can’t arrest the Canadian sex offender because they don’t have a warrant at this time.

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