Adopt Your Very Own Furloughed Worker

Are you lonely? Do you feel the need to nurture someone in need? Do you hate drooling kids and want someone with more life experience? Now you can adopt your very own furloughed worker.

With the government shutdown sending hundreds of thousands of workers home for an extended vacation, a Tumblr page has been setup to help those workers.

The Tumblr page asks furloughed workers to upload an Instagram video that shares their own personal story.

Viewers on the page can view videos and choose a furloughed worker to “adopt.” Basically, you offer to take them out to dinner or buy them a beer.

The website Adopt a Furloughed Worker was created by Simon Owens, 29, Vicky Vadlamani, 28, and Will Gordon, 30, after they heard about, an online job board on which government workers can find freelance gigs to make ends meet.

If you are a furloughed worker, you can upload your video video to #adoptafurloughedworker or send them via email.

If you want to adopt a certain furloughed worker, you can simply comment on their video.

The three friends, who all work for a PR firm in Washington D.C., wanted to build a funny website in solidarity with those who are out of work temporarily.

While the idea of “adopting” a furloughed worker might sound a bit crazy, the idea of bringing humor to the situation at least takes a unique approach to the situation.

At this time, only a test video has been uploaded to Instagram. Here’s that video:

So, what says you Inquisitr readers? Are you willing to view some videos and adopt a furloughed worker during their time of need?

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