Obamacare Poster Boy May Have Jumped Ship For The GOP

Chad Henderson Steve Stockman

Infamous Republican troll Steve Stockman may have accomplished his greatest feat yet: Convincing Obamacare poster boy and suspected plant Chad Henderson to join the GOP.

Texas Rep. Stockman is well-known for provoking his liberal rivals with intentionally offensive rhetoric and meticulously planned PR stunts, but convincing a bright young college kid to switch sides on the most controversial issue facing the nation might be his magnum opus thus far.

Henderson, a Georgia-based college student, became a media sensation after he and his father were able to “successfully” enroll in Obamacare.

Henderson boasted of his accomplishment, despite nearly-universal reports of site difficulties and frustrated applicants being unable to access the system. Henderson gave a comment or interview to nearly every major news outlet in the day that followed, but details of his “successful” enrollment were seemingly contradicted in a later interview with his father, who claimed they were only able to create an account.

Henderson later admitted that he was only able to create an account and browse for healthcare coverage, and that he had not yet signed up for a plan. Additionally, his social media accounts list him as a political activist and volunteer with Obama For America, causing some to speculate that he was a political plant.

On Tuesday, Stockman’s office released a statement inviting Henderson, called a “failed Obamacare signup” to the State of the Union address to meet President Obama.

Chad Henderson is ObamaCare personified. He pushed ObamaCare on other people but refused to buy it himself because he would pay more. He’s practically a Democrat member of Congress. I hope Chad will join me at the State of the Union Address so Obama can point to someone who personifies his policies.

He claims he can’t afford health insurance but he’s a four-figure donor to Obama. I know Obama can’t wait to personally meet this dedicated supporter. I’m proud to give him the opportunity.

Apparently, Stockman has talked with Henderson, who accepted the invitation.

“We talked to him and he’s accepted,” Stockman revealed on Fox News Thursday. “We want him to get a picture with President Obama. We just think that’d be hilarious.”

It’s strange, because it’s pretty obvious to any observer that Stockman’s intention from the get-go is humiliation. Henderson may have something up his sleeve for the SOTU (or maybe he just wants to go), he has actually jumped ship for the GOP, or he’s none too bright.

Either way, Stockman doesn’t seem to care. Getting Henderson there is all he wants to accomplish.

“We thought a humorous way to highlight just how bogus this health care is and how much trouble it’s having was to, you know, have a little bit of fun and invite him to the State of the Union.”

Love him or hate him, Steve Stockman is an epic troll. Whether Chad Henderson has his own agenda remains to be seen.