Wojciech Braszczok Is NYPD Cop Charged In SUV Biker Gang Attack With Assault

Wojciech Braszczok Is NYPD Cop Charged In SUV Biker Gang Attack With Assault

Wojciech Braszczok is being charged in the SUV biker gang attack with multiple felonies. But Wojciech Braszczok is an undercover NYPD cop with no criminal history who has helped take down criminal organizations.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wojciech Braszczok was arrested for his involvement in the motorcycle gang assault on a SUV.

While in court today Wojciech Braszczok was charged with felonies like first-degree gang assault and first-degree assault. Lesser charges like third-degree criminal mischief were made in connection to the NYPD cop joining a motorcycle gang in chasing a SUV down only to drag them from the vehicle and beat them.

The driver of the SUV, Alexian Lien, was dragged him from his Range Rover, then “stomped on, kicked and hit (him) with helmets until he appeared to lose consciousness.” Wojciech Braszczok was supposedly part of the motorcycle gang that shattered windows and terrorized the family, including a two-year-old in the back seat.

Wojciech Braszczok’s defense lawyers argue that videos show he didn’t get within 12 feet of the victim, hit him, or cause any damage to the SUV:

“It’s an absolute overcharge. He is in no way near [the biker who attacked the SUV driver] and doesn’t join the others…. They can’t prove it…. The allegation is that he struck the rear portion hatchback window, which has a gaping hole already in it; it’s already destroyed. Under the law, it’s a fatal flaw. You can’t break what’s already broken.”

Wojciech Braszczok was supposedly off-duty at the time was riding with two off-duty undercover officers as part of a larger group of over 1,000. Wojciech Braszczok is claimed to have made the decision to follow the biker ganger because the SUV driver allegedly bumped a motorcycle and then ran over one of the motorcyclists named Edwin Mieses Jr. and seriously injured him.

But the Wojciech Braszczok trial will proceed ahead, with the bail bond set at $150,000. The prosecution also alleges Wojciech Braszczok did nothing to stop the SUV assault, didn’t call 911, and didn’t report it to his NYPD superiors for two days. Wojciech Braszczok initially told investigators he didn’t see the SUVattack but then changed his story to say he saw it but didn’t participate.