Anthony Weiner, Sean Hannity Smack Down 2013: The Fight Over Obamacare, Debt Ceiling [Video]

Anthony Weiner and Sean Hannity put on a hilarious (and antagonistic) exchange last night on Fox News. News outlets are calling the exchange everything from a “hot mess” to an “epic brawl”. This writer, for one, is quite amused.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obamacare exchange needs 2.7 million young Americans to break even.

Anthony Weiner was purportedly on the show to discuss the latest Obamacare news and the debt ceiling. However, the conversation was impaired by continual baiting and bickering between the two, as follows:

Hannity: “You’re auditioning for MSNBC, you want Chris Matthews’ job. I can tell — you want to ask the questions. You want to be Chris Matthews. You won’t shut up like Chris Matthews, either.”

Weiner: “Why do you always have patsies on? Why is it you don’t want to have someone who pushes you on the basic assumptions of your argument?”

Hannity: “Listen, you want a job at MSNBC, now I know why you came here today.”

Then Weiner changes tactics and argues that he only agreed to the interview because Sean Hannity badgered him into it.

Weiner: “You guys don’t stop begging me to come on, and I like talking to you.”

Hannity: “We didn’t beg you to come on, we asked you to come on. And I was kind of surprised you said yes.”

Weiner: “Well, you asked me like 50 times, so now I’m hearing you ask me why I’m here — you invited me.”

And so on, so forth. Ahhh, children. Some are speculating that a new television “power couple” was born of the bickering, and indeed, it would be pretty entertaining to watch these two grown men acting like 12 year old boys for half an hour everyday.

What do you think of Anthony Weiner and Sean Hannity’s Smack Down 2013: funny or annoying?