Racist Romeo Rose Catfished In Sexting Scandal

Remember Romeo Rose, the casually racist set of teeth from Texas with a loooooong list of demands in pursuit of his ideal woman?

The man known as Romeo Rose came to national attention and derision when he complained to all and sundry that despite a lengthy set of dealbreakers and a face that could stop a clock, desirable women weren't banging down his door -- in fact, the Austin man said, he needed to place a $1500 bounty on any female willing to tolerate his appearance and presence. And it just wasn't fair.

If the Romeo Rose pictures and his subsequent and often racist ramblings on sites like Reddit didn't clear up the mystery of a perpetually undipped wick, we have a bit more insight now -- and it involves sexting.

You see, when you waltz into the national spotlight with a fistful of dollars and a crazily inflated self-image, it turns out, opportunistic people are willing to exploit your desperation to cash in. And willing women are no easier to come by, no matter how sexily they chat to you on texts.

So RadarOnline got a hold of a chick who's been sexting with Romeo Rose, and it also seems to be fairly apparent that his seduction skills are on par with his dentist's talent in veneers.

The woman chose to remain anonymous, natch, but she did forward screenshots to Radar of her X-rated convos to Romeo Rose after the "Sleepless in Austin" debacle.

We can't muster up too much sympathy for the guy who compared black folk to "monkeys," and said white women degrade themselves when they have relationships with black men, and she dished of her Romeo Rose romance:

"Romeo can't stop sexting! Even when I changed the topic to get to know his personality he only wants to talk about sex and if we would be having sex in real life... He was really pushy trying to get me to engage in sexting about teacher/student fantasies, his appetite for rough sex and bragging about his stamina won't let me talk about much else."

She adds:

"I asked him about his interests, normal things to get to know a guy, but he just finds a way to talk about sex more."

We're not surprised Romeo Rose is an unpleasant and inept dating prospect, but the cautionary tale should be a reminder to us all, male or female... don't be that guy.