Ariel Castro Suicide Report Reveals Falsified Prison Logs

A new report on Ariel Castro's suicide shows that prison guards failed to do their assigned rounds. The report also shows falsified prison records for the inmate. Two correction officers are on suspension following the death. The report was also unable to find Castro's motive for killing himself. It suggests that the death may have been an accident.

The probe comes after Cleveland kidnapper and serial rapist Ariel Castro appeared to commit suicide in prison more than a month ago. Coroner's notes found that Castro suffocated after tying a bed sheet around his neck that was hanging from a window hinge. Though speculation behind the man's death has run rampant, this new report has not found a substantive motive for the convict to commit suicide, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The report also raises the possibility that the death was unintentional. It cites accounts that say Ariel Castro was found less than 30 minutes after his death with his pants and underwear pulled down to his ankles. Though the reason for this is not clear, according to the report, it may have been part of an act of auto-erotic asphyxiation. If so, it may mean the self-inflicted death was accidental.

As USA Today reports, the probe found videos showing that prison staff failed to do at least eight checks on Castro in the hours before his death. This contrasts with the official prison logs which claim the rounds were done properly. Corrections staff were also found to not have shown a suicide prevention video to the prisoner. The report also says that a contracted ambulance arrived extremely late to the prison. This would not have prevented the death, though.

The Cleveland Dispatch notes that the two corrections officers on suspension were also found to have similar negligence relating to the August 4 suicide of Billy Slagle, a death row inmate.

A final report from the coroner on Ariel Castro's apparent suicide is waiting for further toxicology results.