Nina Dobrev, Ex Ian Somerhalder Reunite For Puppies' Birth [Photo]

Nina Dobrev and ex boyfriend Ian Somerhalder reunite for a very important event, the birth of puppies from his dog Nietzsche. And the tweets are adorable.

From all appearances the Vampire Diaries star and his former girlfriend parted in good terms, which doesn't really come as a surprise after he took to Twitter to praise Nina recently and they frequently retweet one another.

Ian Somerhalder seems in awe of the whole birthing process, praising all women in a post on Instagram.

"Wow.Make no mistake about it-Ladies rule...Women of every species blow my mind...Incredible what mamas go through!Love to you mamas-all over the world.Jeez."

Adorable. Told you.

Nietzsche's labor started on Monday, October 7 from his Twitter timeline and he kept fans updated religiously.

With Nina Dobrev by his side, Ian Somerhalder tweeted about the big event for which they apparently used a midwife to help his dog with the process, however, that didn't make it less terrifying, in a good way.

And here are the puppies. Awwww.

Nina Dobrev also took to Twitter to share the birthing status.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have to be the cutest exes out there and this story proves it. Any chances of the couple getting back together? Well, we just don't know.