Andrea Sanderline Pleads Guilty To Suburban 'Pot Mom' Charges

Andrea Sanderlin, best known as New York City's suburban "pot mom" plead guilty on Tuesday after she was arrested for running a multimillion-dollar marijuana operations out of a Queens warehouse.

Speaking in Brooklyn federal court Sanderline said, "From 2009 to 2013 in Queens, New York, I operated a facility in which I, together with others, grew at least 1,000 marijuana plants and sold the marijuana product from the plants."

The 45-year-old mother of three was arrested in May 2013 after police raided the warehouse which was registered in her name. Police confiscated nearly $3 million worth of marijuana from the facility.

The suburban pot mom's home was later searched and police found books on how to grow marijuana, along with books on how to launder money.

During her arraignment Andrea Sanderlin originally plead not guilty to charges of manufacturing and possessing marijuana.

The marijuana growing suburban mom was living in a $10,000-a-month rented mansion in Scarsdale, New York. She used her wealth to drive around in a Maserati while partaking in other lavish spending.

Sanderlin upon her arrest was immediately compared to Nancy Price Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), the main character in the popular Showtime series Weeds.

The suburban pot growing mother of three is out on $500,000 bail. During her sentencing a judge could place her behind bars for upwards of a decade.

Sanderlin may have gotten away with her marijuana business if a very large Con Ed bill at her warehouse in Queens hadn't drawn the attention of Federal agents. Officers followed Andrea Sanderlin as she drove her Mercedes SUV from her home in Scarsdale to the grow house in New York City.

The next step will be for a judge to sentence Andrea Sanderlin for her crimes. She faces 10 years to life in prison but her plea deal is likely to lessen her time spent behind bars.