Tom Hanks Stars In ‘Tom Hanks: The Movie’, But Not Really

Hollywood heavyweight Tom Hanks stars in the pirate hijack film Captain Phillips and in celebration of that October 11, 2013 release Tom Hanks: The Movie has gone viral on YouTube.

Produced by the team at OfficialComedy the viral video takes some of Tom Hanks’ best movies of all time and mashes them up into a single universe.

We literally watch as Tom Hanks goes from his Forrest Gump days to his turn as an astronaut in Apollo 13, to a Cast Away. The trailer then sends us to The Da Vinci Code, followed by Captain Phillips and finally Toy Story.

The trailers creators really put a lot of thought into the mashup. As each clip unfolds Hanks gets closer to his inevitable ride aboard the pirated freight ship.

The supercut clip starts with Tom Hanks graduating school as Forrest Gump and then follows his various careers and life paths from his most famous movies. The trailer is accompanied by a haunting soundtrack that grabs the viewers attention while not taking away from the finished product.

Since going live on October 7 the clip has racked up 125,816 views. Viewers seem to like the clip with 790 thumbs up votes and just 39 thumbs down votes.

Tom Hanks has proven time and time again that he can act in anything and now we see that even his randomly cut together scenes make for a riveting movie trailer.

As we recently learned, Hanks may give too much of himself to his roles. The A-List actor recently said he developed diabetes because of his extreme dieting.

Are you excited to see Tom Hanks starring in Captain Phillips? What do you think of the supercut trailer?