Ohio Man Remains Legally Dead Despite Being Clearly Alive


Donald Miller was told by an Ohio court that he will remain legally dead, despite the fact that he was there to try and overturn the verdict in person.

61-year-old Miller, who has been classed as dead since 1994, appeared in court on Monday to admit that in 1986 he decided to disappear after losing his job.

In the process he left behind his two children, wife, and an ex-wife, Robin Miller, that he owed several thousand dollars to.

In 2002, after eights years of being missing, Donald Miller was declared legally dead. However, he then returned to Ohio around 2005, unaware that he was now regarded as dead.

Despite returning to Ohio, a legal statue in the state that reads a death ruling can’t be changed after three years meant that he must remain legally dead.

Judge Allan Davis admitted that this was one of the most peculiar cases he has ever come across during his tenure in Hancock County Probate Court.

Mr Davis told CNN, “In over 40 years, I’ve never come across a case like this. In the end though, because of the statute, it was a pretty open-and-shut case.”

Donald Miller, according to Robin Miller’s lawyer, reportedly owed his ex-wife $25,000 in child support at the time of his apparent death.

After Mr Miller was declared dead though she then started

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