Best Government Shutdown Poll Yet: Americans Prefer Dog Poop, Hemorrhoids To Congress

Sick of the government shutdown? Sick of being asked about your opinion on Congress’ behavior? You’re probably not alone. It’s no secret that Congress’ approval ratings have been in the toilet, especially lately. But one poll took to measuring Americans’ distaste by comparing Congress to other unpleasant people or things.

As LA Times reports, pollsters found Americans think better of things like hemorrhoids, jury duty, and the hated IRS than Congress now. For the record, though, Republicans seem less favorable than Democrats on hemorrhoids. Witches, the fictional beings known for boiling children in cauldrons, are also liked more than Congress.

Other things that are also more popular than our dysfunctional legislative branch: Dog poop, toenail fungus, cockroaches, the DMV, zombies, and hipsters — generally all considered unpleasant — take the lead over Congress.

This might sound like a fake government shutdown poll, but it is quite real. Apparently folks over at Public Policy Polling got tired of asking the same mundane questions, as now it’s fairly clear how Americans view the shutdown and who they blame (spoiler alert: They don’t like it and most blame Republicans).

Though looking at Public Policy Polling‘s report, it is almost more amazing what Americans said they disliked more than the current Congress. Celebrities and other people, like Lindsey Lohan, Anthony Weiner, and Miley Cyrus, are held in lower opinions than Capitol Hill.

Americans also seemed to prefer the much loathed Congress over Charles Manson, twerking, and the Ebola virus. That’s something, right? Senators and representatives worried about how the public views them and the government shutdown can rest assured that Americans would hate an Ebola-infected serial killer who can’t stop twerking more than them. At least, somewhat.

[Image via ucumari via photopin cc]