Pipeline Explosion In Oklahoma Ignites Natural Gas, Flames Seen 50 Miles Away [Video]

A pipeline explosion in Oklahoma ignited the natural gas and sent flames shooting into the sky.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an explosion in Karnes County involved a saltwater disposal well that’s used in fracking for oil.

One man was injured in the Karnes County explosion. Fortunately, the pipeline explosion in Oklahoma didn’t cause any injuries or deaths according to the latest reports. But it created quite a spectacle as reports say the flames could be spotted from 50 miles away that Tuesday night.

Residents living within two miles of the pipeline explosion were ordered to evacuate and highways were shut down. Firefighters from both Oklahoma and Kansas were called in to put out the flames.

The pipeline explosion affected the company Northern Natural Gas, which operates nearly 15,000 miles of natural gas pipelines in the United States. One of these natural gas pipelines runs through the Permian Basin in Texas into the upper midwest.

But Northern Natural Gas had some good news this Wednesday morning about the pipeline explosion:

“The fire has been extinguished. We isolated that section of the line and let the gas burn down.”

Delivery of natural gas will not be disrupted since they’ve already rerouted the pipes to go another way. This section affected by the pipeline explosion may take between two days to several weeks to repair.