Chris Christie On 2016 Presidential Run: Totally Possible!

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 2016 prospects have been a constant matter of speculation since the moderate GOP star (and sometimes foe) burst onto the national scene — and the blue state red lawmaker admitted he may very well run in 2016.

Chris Christie faced off against challenger Barbara Buono last night at William Paterson University in Wayne, and of course, a White House run was discussed at the pow-wow.

Christie was up against Democratic challenger, state Sen. Barbara Buono, and he spoke about aiming for the White House while running the Axe cologne state — and said:

“Listen my mother told me a long time ago — do the job you have at the moment the best you possibly can and the future will take care of itself.”

Christie continued:

“The fact is there have been people talking about me running for president since 2010 and they all said I would do it in 2012 and I said I wouldn’t and I didn’t. And the fact is after 2017 I’m going to be looking for another job anyway.”

He concluded:

“I’m going to continue to do my job the best way I possibly can and I am not going to declare tonight that I am or I am not running for president. And you know what? People don’t expect me to, they expect me to do my job.”

Chris Christie’s focus on the current situation rather than political futures and posturing is one for which the circumspect lawmaker is known. And while the Jersey governor is associated with placing people over party even to his own political detriment, it’s definitely to be expected from Christie that he address the possibility of a White House run as one that isn’t material for another few years and an issue that should not distract from the current governance of New Jersey.

Watch above as Gov. Chris Christie talks 2016, and a possible White House bid.