Er, wow: Sony sells 150 millionth PlayStation 2

Sony executives are always blathering about how the PlayStation 3 will have a ten-year life cycle, and we gamers always give the same response: we laugh in their faces, and call Sony’s mom rude names. But maybe we’re the deluded ones in this situation. Maybe Sony knows something.

If the PlayStation 2 is anything to go by, we should stop scoffing now, because Sony has revealed it recently sold the 150 millionth PS2, eleven years after the system first debuted. Again, that’s ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION. Sony’s sleek black monolith became the best-selling home console ever a while back, and now another landmark has been reached.

Furthermore, the world still has a thirst for PS2. While you’d struggle to find a new PS2 in most U.S. or European game stores, Sony has cleverly extended the platform’s lifepsan by introducing the machine to new markets. The system still sells well in Eastern Europe, south east Asia, the Middle East, and South America. And remember, it’s only been out in Brazil for fifteen months!

Anyway, congrats, old guy. You don’t look a sale over 150 million.

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[Via press release]