Infant Raped By Daycare Employee, Attack Caught On Video

An infant raped: it’s one of every parent’s worst nightmares when they leave their child at a daycare, but for one family in Elyria, Ohio, it’s now a horrible reality.

The family’s identity was withheld for the protection of the child involved, but police have confirmed that they have video of 25-year-old ABC KIDZ DayCare employee Heather Koon having sex with a baby. The video was found on Koon’s laptop, according to

“I still haven’t wrapped my mind around it,” said the baby’s father, who has chosen to speak out about the incident so other parents can determine if their children were also victims. The father said ABC KIDZ asked him not to speak publicly about the incident.

“They tried to act like it was a simple assault,” the father explained. “A few hours later they called us back again and asked us to keep it discrete.”

In comments to Fox19, the father added, “Any child that’s old enough to talk, they should talk to. Any child that’s not old enough to talk should be taken to a physician.”

Koon was arrested after police checked up on her boyfriend, James Osborne, a convicted sex offender in Lorain County, who was living at another address from the one given on the website. When authorities brought Osborne into custody, they also confiscated a laptop found in his apartment. The police report says that it belonged to Koon and contained a video of her “engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant.”

In an effort to figure out who the child was, “They showed us still photos,” the father said.

Koon is now facing two counts of rape after police identified a second victim. Unlike the infant raped, the age of the second victim was not made public.

Osborne and Koon are in custody at Lorain County Jail, where they will presumably remain until their court date.

Here’s a mugshot of Osborne:

Unfortunately, this is just one of many child abuse cases to happen in recent weeks. On Saturday, we brought you the story of a trailer park mother, who was accused of selling naked pictures of her 11-year-old daughter online.

And at the end of September, we reported on the case of a Washington state man, who injected his four-year-old son with heroin to delay a divorce proceeding.

In the case of the infant raped at ABC KIDZ, do you think charges should be brought against the daycare, and do you think the death penalty should be extended to these types of cases?

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