Obama's Change includes support for Open ID

Could Open ID have received the change it needs to finally break out from the domain of open source nerds and open platform zealots? You don't get much higher than President-elect Barack Obama, and the change Open ID may need comes from Change.gov, the official website of the Office of the President Elect.

The transition team added the ability to comment on blog posts using Open ID this week as part of its installation of Intense Debate. Not all blog posts have comments points out Marshall at RWW, but those that do can now be commented on while logged in to an OpenID account.

For the 99% of people who don't realize the fact, most of you already have an Open ID account of sorts if you have an account at Yahoo, AOL, and even Google. The easiest way to use it: type yahoo.com into the Open ID box and you're redirected to Yahoo to sign into that site.