Hulk Hogan: TNA Wrestling Contract Expires, Negotiations Underway

Hulk Hogan and TNA Wrestling are no longer doing business together.

According to recent reports, the legendary wrestler’s contract with the organization recently expired. Since the two parties haven’t entered into a new agreement just yet, Hogan is free to do whatever he wants in the world of professional wrestling.

According to SEScoops, there’s still a chance Hulk Hogan and TNA Wrestling could get back together down the road. The wrestler and the folks in charge of the organization are reportedly in negotiations at this very moment. However, they haven’t reached an agreement as of this writing.

The website suggests that the only thing standing in the way of a brand new contract is money. Apparently Hogan wants quite a few bills for his involvement with TNA Wrestling. If executives decide to toss a considerable amount of cash in his direction, then he might stick around for a while longer.

The wrestler quit TNA during Thursday night’s Impact (October 3). His departure ended with Dixie Carter grabbing his leg and begging him to stay. It’s believed that Hulk Hogan will respond to the news on next Thursday’s episode.

While you’re waiting to see if Hogan returns to the world of TNA Wrestling, you can check out the commercial he recently made for the folks at The clip is a parody of the music video for Miley Cyrus’ tune “Wrecking Ball.”

A word of warning: The footage in question features the wrestler wearing a G-string and his iconic yellow tank top while straddling a wrecking ball. It’s definitely worth a chuckle or two, but the image of his almost-naked backside is a little hard to dismiss.

If you’re at all curious, then check out the commercial below.

Are you a fan of Hulk Hogan? Are you disappointed that the wrestler may end up parting ways with TNA Wrestling? Do you think the whole thing is a publicity stunt?

[Image via New Line Cinema]

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