Hulk Hogan Turns 60, Looks Forward To Fan Expo

Hulk Hogan may be 60-years-old but he still commands a crowd. The legendary wrestler is bringing his uncensored tour to the Fan Expo this August in Canada.

Hulkmaniacs will get a chance to see Hogan in person as he tells “behind the scenes” stories from his life and career.

Hogan is most famous for his time in the wrestling ring but he’s made a few headlines for personal reason over the years. Most recently, he was in the tabloids for having a sex tape.

Hogan said that he would answer all questions at the Fan Expo truthfully.

The wrestler said: “Some of the fans want to know about the wrestlers and what were they really like, some of the fans want to know what went down in my personal life and how true was this and how true was that, and I answer everything totally honest.”

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, got things started this week when he gave an interview to The Province. The reality TV star said that he had a bunch of great memories from wrestling in Toronto and that he’s excited to get back to see his fans.

Hogan said: “I was telling somebody the other day, ‘I swear, if I was broke, totally homeless, hungry, if I crawled with one arm across the border, the people in Toronto would feed me and clothe me and shelter me forever.'”

Hulk Hogan turned 60-years-old this week but the wrestling icon says that he still feels “eternally youthful.”

Hogan said: “”I’m eternally youthful and I’m 60 years young. I’ll take my shirt off in front of any 25-year-old and I guarantee I’m built better than they are.”

Hulk Hogan will be at the Fan Expo on August 22-25.

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