Casey Anthony Wants Two Defamation Claims Dismissed

Casey Anthony wants two defamation claims against her dismissed and asked a judge to do so this week. Anthony's attorneys told the judge that the two cases are baseless.

Anthony is in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings and the two defamation lawsuits would be part of her settlement. The claims were brought by Zenaida Gonzalez and meter reader Roy Kronk, who were both named as suspects by Anthony or her lawyers during the investigation into her two-year-old daughter's disappearance.

Anthony initially told detectives a baby sitter by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped young Caylee Anthony in 2008. Kronk was the one to find Caylee's remains in the woods near Casey Anthony's home.

Kronk contended that Anthony's lawyers made false statements against him, including accusing him of killing Caylee and moving her remains. However, Casey's bankruptcy attorneys dismissed both plaintiffs' claims as false.

Both Kronk and Gonzalez argued that they should be considered creditors in Anthony's bankruptcy case. In the motion, Anthony's attorney, David Schrader, dismissed the claims, saying:

"Over the years, many persons have pursued actions in which they sought to profit, one way or another, from Ms. Anthony's ordeal. All of the claimants have been rebuffed and turned away empty-handed, though most of them enjoyed their 'fifteen minutes' of fame while their claims were pending, which was the real objective."
So far, Kronk and Gonzalez haven't been turned away. However, should the judge accept Casey Anthony's motion, they will be. Anthony is supposed to be deposed next week as part of Gonzalez's lawsuit, though it could be delayed if her attorneys file a motion with the judge to halt the meeting.

It is unclear if Schrader will file the motion to do so. Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter in 2011. Since then, she has mostly lived in hiding.