Russian Embassy In Libya Evacuated After Attack

On Thursday, Russia evacuated all of its diplomats and their families from their embassy in Libya.

According to USA Today, this evacuation comes a day after a mob attack on the Russian Embassy.

The report continued on to say that the Russian Foreign Ministry said none of the embassy staff was hurt in Wednesday's attack, which came in response to the death of a Libyan air force officer, who was allegedly killed by a Russian woman.

According to BBC News, two Libyans were reportedly killed during the assault on the embassy.

USA Today continued on to report that the armed mob broke into the embassy compound in the Libyan capital Tripoli, "climbing over walls, breaking down a metal gate and shooting in the air."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement Thursday that the evacuation of the embassy was made after Libya's Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdelaziz visited and stated that they could not guarantee the safety of embassy staff, according to BBC News.

According to Reuters, the statement continued on to say that the staff and their families had taken refuge in safe rooms during the attack, and were evacuated to Tunisia on Thursday and are "expected to return to Russia on Friday."

USA Today continued on to report:

"The Libyan authorities had promised to protect Russian assets and try to quickly restore conditions for the safe operations of the embassy.

"Several senior diplomats will stay in Tunisia to maintain contacts with Libya, while the rest of the embassy workers will be flown to Moscow Friday, Lukashevich said."

For the time being, Russian citizens are being advised to not visit Libya in order to minimize the chances of other attacks.

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[Image by Leonid Gonchar via Wikimedia Commons]