Attempted Rapist Subdued By Frying Pan (Mugshot Is Hilarious)

Ouch, does that hurt? A would-be rapist has some nasty boo boos after his intended victim bashed him over the head – twice – with a frying pan. Yes, it played out almost exactly like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

According to CBS News, suspect Frank Harrison, 46, met his intended victim at a party the night prior to the attack, and that he lied in order to get her to his room. Once there, he allegedly threatened her with a knife. She fought back with the only thing she could find.

A frying pan.

With it, she struck Harrison at least twice on the head. She called the cops, and they responded around 5:30 AM to find Harrison covered in blood from multiple head injuries.

Police arrested Harrison and charged him with kidnapping, armed assault, attempted rape and indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14.

At his arraignment Monday, prosecutors said that Harrison offered his would-be victim a ride from one party to another. She realized in the car they they were going the wrong way. He merely said that he needed to stop at his hotel for cigarettes.

Naturally, Harrison blames his victim. He said that she was trying to rob him and that he was only defending himself with his knife.

Either way, he’ll remain in custody until at least Friday when he has another hearing scheduled. No bail for this cat.

And as promised, here’s his epic and painful-looking mugshot:

attempted rapist[Image: Shutterstock]