Hugging Woman Accidentally Shot And Killed By Boyfriend

A hugging woman was accidentally shot and killed by her boyfriend in a devastating tragedy.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in Arizona, when the sweet and tender moment between the couple turned into a disaster. The ordeal took place in Phoenix, Arizona, near 83rd Avenue and Camelback Road, and the weapon was only fired once.

Phoenix police officers have confirmed that a 24-year-old woman was killed by an 18-year-old man while they embraced at their home in the state.

Police stated that the catastrophe occurred when the unnamed woman voiced her discomfort at her boyfriend as they hugged because his gun was pressing into her side.

They then added that the man tried to rearrange the gun inside his waistband while simultaneously hugging his girlfriend, but then he accidentally discharged the weapon, shooting his girlfriend in the process.

She was then rushed to a local hospital, but despite the work of the attending doctors she was pronounced dead soon after.

Sergeant Tommy Thompson, who works for the Phoenix Police Department, told KNXV-TV that the shooting appeared to be an accident, however the case has now been handed to Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, who will now review the evidence before reaching their verdict.

Two people were injured and another was killed in two separate accidental shooting incidents in North America on Tuesday.

In Southeast Portland, two people were injured when a man who was holding a gun accidentally pulled the trigger while handing it to a woman. In the process he injured both himself and the female, however the pair are not believed to be suffering from life-threatening injuries.

In Vancouver, an 81-year-old man was killed after he accidentally shot himself in the head. At the time he believed that the gun wasn’t loaded.

Do you think America’s gun laws are too lenient?

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