Hungover? Spend the morning watching Super Bowl ads from last night in your cube

Should my Facebook feed be believed, a number of you all are pulling sickeys today, and a greater number are slogging through work on too much American beer and little sleep.

It seems Super Bowl ads increase in prominence each year, with water cooler and web buzz of the very expensive, often elaborately produced spots drawing a lot of attention and YouTube sharing in the wake of the big game. This year’s set was a bit less controversial then that of last year- to recap, there was a bit of a flap over a pro-life Tim Tebow ad, a gay dating site was excluded, and then the White Stripes (rest in peace!) got a bit snitty because the Air Force stole their “Fell In Love With A Girl” riff. It was pretty dramatic.

This year’s commercials had some apparently fantastic thing with Eminem, a mini Darth Vader 2011 Beetle commercial that caused a lot of people to coo, something to do with GoDaddy, a Groupon commercial many decried as tasteless (and possibly written by Kenneth Cole’s old Tweeter), and Roseanne Barr getting smacked in the head with a tree trunk.

If you want to re-live the Super Bowl ads for 2011 in all their consumerist goodness, click here to watch them in order. (Or pick and choose.)