David Pietz Murder Trial: Cellphone Records And Surveillance Footage Discussed In Court

The David Pietz murder trial continues on as cellphone records and surveillance videos become the latest pieces of evidence against Pietz.

ABC News reported that Nicole Pietz vanished from her home in 2006, and her body was later found strangled in a wooded area.

Nicole’s husband, David Pietz is no on trial for his wife’s murder nearly seven years ago.

According to ABC News, the surveillance video that was shown in court shows David buying Drano and gloves on the night of her death.

While this evidence seems crucial, ABC News continued on to say that prosecutors focused on a cellphone call that they believe was made by David from Nicole’s phone, “which was never found after she had disappeared.”

King5.com reported that David Pietz was the prime suspect from day one and that they had to “methodically piece the case against him together before arresting him at work in 2012.”

When the trail first began in late September, family and friends flooded the court house to confront David according to the report.

“Today we got to look in his eyes,” said family friend Shelley Sexton. “That was something we didn’t get when he was arrested.”

“I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to look at me,” said Gary Driscoll, who stood as close as he could get to the defendant as he was being led out of court. “He wouldn’t look me in the eyes because I know what he did to Nicci.”

King5.com continues on to say that David’s attorneys say all of the evidence against him is circumstantial.

“Nicole Pietz was missing. And her husband never saw her again,” said defense attorney Cooper Offenbecker. “What happened to Nicole is a mystery.”

According to ABC News, the prosecutors are claiming that the phone call that was made from Nicole’s cell phone the day after her murder was made by David.

David Piets has pleaded not guilty of second-degree murder during the murder trial, and according to his defense attorney, Mark Geragos, “If they prove what they say they’re going to prove, that still doesn’t answer the question of how, why and when was she murdered.”

[Image via ABC News]