Denver Broncos’ Week Six Spread Over Jaguars Could Be Biggest In History

The Denver Broncos are on pace to be the best offensive football team of all time. In two weeks they play the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are on pace to be the worst NFL team of all time. Las Vegas oddsmakers could start the week six spread on the matchup by favoring the Broncos by as much as 28 points.

You read that correctly.

The 0-4 Jacksonville Jaguars are so limp in every aspect of the game that fans are flying Tim Tebow banners over the stadium to convince management to sign him. They’re a lock for an 0-16 season if something doesn’t change.

The Denver Broncos, on the other hand, have Peyton Manning under center, and look like a lock to go 16-0 if they keep blowing out opponents every week.

Is the 28-point spread really that surprising, all things considered?

Of course, that matchup is still two weeks away. The Broncos will play the Dallas Cowboys next sunday, who sit atop the NFC East with a 2-2 record, and should fall to 2-3 after losing to Peyton Manning.

The Jaguars play the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, one of the few games this season they could be competitive. The Rams looks disjointed losing to the 49ers 35-11, and the Jaguars could scrape one out if they can manage to score.

Either way, you know it’s bad when you’re a 28-point underdog two weeks before your scheduled game.

Sadly, the laugher between the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars may be one of the most anticipated games that week. People are going to want to see just how any touchdowns Peyton Manning can throw against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s probably a lot.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]