NBC Kicks Off A Full Week Of Pro-Obamacare Programming

NBC is kicking off a week full of pro-Obamacare programming to coincide with the major debut of the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, October 1.

According to an official press release, NBC will "devote special coverage across all of its platforms to 'Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law,' an extensive series aimed at explaining the complexities of the ACA and its impact on consumers," on Monday.

One of the first programs will be an interview between Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (no conflicts there).

"'Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law' will also provide extensive coverage on the process of enrolling in health insurance marketplaces," NBC said.

Critics say that the rest of the week will offer pabulum purposed to allay otherwise warranted fears about the upcoming implementation of Obamacare.

"So basically whenever you turn your TV on to NBC next week, be prepared to be overwhelmed with loads of helpful information on the great benefits of Obamacare. Geesh, when did NBC blatantly become a pro-Obama platform? They used to just sneakily do this stuff," writes the right-leaning Townhall blog.

Interestingly, NBC's turn as Obamacare's unofficial propaganda arm might be rooted in a recent media scandal centered around Chuck Todd. On the air over a week ago, he dared to suggest that "selling" Obamacare is not the media's job, but that of the White House. That's technically correct, what with the whole "freedom of press" thing, but many critics took it the other way, accusing Todd of excusing GOP falsehoods about the law and not telling the "truth."

There's even a petition to get him to apologize for his comments.

The IJ Review was the first to link the Todd controversy to NBC's upcoming Obamacare coverage.

"So that's all it took for NBC to submissively accept the demands of a bunch of basement-dwelling petition-mongers?" they write. "It's good to know that NBC is willing to be a cheerleader for Obama's agenda so openly and brazenly – how are they gonna deny it now?"

What do you think? Does NBC treading dangerously close to becoming a mouthpiece for the Obama administration, or is coverage of the confusing and unpopular Affordable Care Act desperately needed right now?

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