Josh Freeman Wants Release If He’s Not Traded

Well, that escalated quickly. Tampa Bay Buccaneers third string quarterback Josh Freeman reportedly wants to be released by the team if he is not traded immediately.

Accord to Jay Glazer or FIX Sports, Josh Freeman believes it would be best for both he and the Buccaneers to part ways sooner rather than later. The news isn’t surprising, as Freeman went from starting quarterback to third string in a number of days.

After announcing Mike Glennon would start the Buccaneers week four game, there were rumors that Josh Freeman would be inactive Sunday. Those rumors turned out to be true, and if there was any good will left between player and team, it’s clearly over.

Josh Freeman’s career as a Buccaneer started out very promising. In his second season he was stupendous, throwing for 25 touchdowns and only six interceptions. Tampa Bay finished the season at 10-6, and barely missed the playoffs. Freeman looked like the franchise quarterback they were hoping for when drafted.

Everything fell apart the next season, and Freeman finished the year with 17 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. The Buccaneers still believed in Freeman though, and brought in new head coach Greg Schiano to right the ship.

After two seasons, it looks like the move failed. Luckily, Schiano drafted Mike Glennon in the 2013 NFL Draft as insurance to Josh Freeman. Glennon has looked good so far, leading the Buccaneers to an early lead against Arizona.

If the Buccaneers are smart, they’ll grant Josh Freeman his wish and release him. With $6.44 million owed to him this season, they’re unlikely to find a trade partner before the trade deadline, and they don’t need Freeman in the locker room causing problems.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]