Teen Christian Lunsford Pays Back Woman His Dad Mugged

Teenager Christian Lunsford has paid back seventy-eight-year-old Tona Herndon of Bethany, Oklahoma, after his dad mugged the recently windowed female.

Herndon lost her husband just two weeks before the mugging which occurred at her husband’s grave.

The mugger managed to steal $700 from the grieving widow but police quickly caught the thief and shared his mugshot on TV.

While watching the news 15-year-old Christian Lunsford realized the thief was none other than his own father.

Christian’s mom and dad divorced when he was two-years-old and his dad has been “mostly absent” ever since that time.

Several weeks ago the boys dad gave him $250 for a band trip he wanted to go on. The act of kindness was the first nice thing Christian’s father had done for him in years. In fact, his father has been in and out of jail more than half a dozen times over the years.

According to Christian: “There’s times that you just feel really low, like, ‘Is that going to be me?… Am I going to end up like that?”

Realizing he never wants to end up like his dad the boy quickly reached out to his dad’s victim and asked to meet her in a church parking lot.

The teenager told Tona that he wanted to apology.

Not only did Christian apologize for his fathers horrid decision, he also gave her the $250 he planned on using for his band trip.

Tona tells CBS News:

“He gave me $250 for my band trip, but I’m not sure if it was yours or however he got it, but I’d feel bad if I didn’t give it to you.”

Tona accepted the money from the young boy but before he could hand it over she said, “I want you to take your band trip.” She then told the teenager to keep $250.

In an age of bullying it sure is nice to seen teens like Christian Lunsford who make hard but right decisions.