Rihanna Booed After Being Extremely Rude To Fans In Australia

Rihanna was booed on Thursday night after she showed up 80 minutes late to a show in Australia.

The famed pop singer has become known for disrespecting fans by showing up to shows sometimes hours after they are scheduled to begin.

Missing start times and angering fans is ultimately hurting Rihanna's bottom line. Earlier in the year it was revealed that the singer was having a hard time selling tickets for her shows.

A few months back Rihanna pulled similar stunts for her US concerts. During those shows the singer was also booed by angry fans who waited hours for her to perform.

Rihanna's handlers never give reasons for her tardiness which leave fans waiting hours to find out where she is and if she will perform.

The rude singer took to the Adelaide Entertainment Center on Thursday but some fans left before she sang a single note.

As Rihanna showed up on stage fans immediately began to boo, following in the footsteps of a Tuesday night crowd who waited 40 minutes for the diva to finally show up.

As expected from the spoiled pop star, Rihanna followed her historical route of offering no apology or explanation for her tardiness.

While fans were initially mad at Rihanna's disrespect they soon forgave the singer and began to cheer, sing along to her songs, and dance.

In the past Rihanna has been late to shows simple because she couldn't be bothered with taking time away from her own personal activities.

Would you demand a refund if you were promised a show start time and it started hours late?