NFL Gameday Preview: Seahawks Try To Keep Season Perfect Against Texans

The Seattle Seahawks travel to Houston to play the Texans Sunday in an effort to start the season 4-0.

So far in 2013, the Seahawks have looked thoroughly unbeatable. In the last two weeks, they have outscored their opponents 74-20, and dominated every aspect of the game.

The Texans have started the season 2-1 and are coming off a bad loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Houston was considered a Super Bowl contender to start the season, but look vulnerable after last Sunday. Now Matt Schaub gets the chance to bounce back at home and beat the best team in the NFC.

Surprisingly, the matchup favors the Houston Texans. Seattle, who has looked amazing on the road, opened the season in Carolina and only managed to score 12 points, barely squeaking out a win.

Statistically, the Texans are also better than Seattle, which should favor the home team. Houston averages 388 yards per game, while Seattle averages 379 yards per game.

Houston throws for an average of 260 yards per game compared to Seattle’s 247 yards per game. Seattle is slightly better on the ground though, averaging 132 yards per game, while Houston averages 128 yards per game.

Put simply, in a game everyone thinks Seattle will easily win, the Texans should keep it close, and they could even win. The Seahawks probably won’t put up 45 points for the second week in a row, and Arian Foster, Matt Schaub, and Andre Johnson should be able to keep up the pace.

If I was to pick a winner, I would say Houston barely wins at home, but wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle wins to start the season perfect.

What are your game predictions for this game?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]