George Clooney Pulls Ultimate Pool Prank On Buddy Sandra Bullock

George Clooney pulled the ultimate prank of long time buddy Sandra Bullock, the actress revealed at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

The Oscar winners have been good friends for...a number of years. Bullock admits that at their age, she is 49, Clooney is 52, it's getting a bit embarrassing to talk about the length of their friendship.

On a visit the actress paid to the late night talk show host, while promoting her space drama Gravity, she was asked about a pool prank that Clooney pulled off on her at a party.

The pair were with other friends, including Nicole Kidman, at a get together when Clooney and another unnamed male guest stripped down to their pants.

The former ER star told Bullock that they were going into the pool, so they proceeded to go outside and holding hands, like teenagers, were set to jump in.

Little did Sandra Bullock know that George Clooney was preparing a prank, a good one.

"I held their hands and on the count of three — and in slow motion I see Nicole Kidman with a stack of towels and I think, 'Why is she …?' And I jump. And they let go. And I go in the pool," Bullock recounted to the delight of the studio audience.

And that wasn't the end of it for Sandra Bullock, she says she had bought this really cute dress for the occasion and it started falling apart, literally.

Asked about why she and George Clooney haven't dated, Bullock explains that she and her co-star are "too similar in all the disturbing ways."

Bullock adds she thinks they're the only two people in the business who haven't dated, but they have hung out together going too parties "and things." You draw your own conclusion.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock star in Alfonso Cuaron's space thriller Gravity, opening in theaters in October 4.