‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Gets A 2014 Release

Horrible Bosses was a pretty decent hit when it opened in the summer of 2011. The film, starring Ed Helms, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman scored a sizable $117 million on the domestic front. A sequel was imminent with that kind of success, and now New Line has announced that we will be seeing a Horrible Bosses sequel in the near future.

So far we don’t have a basic plot, but we do know that Horrible Bosses 2 is being released during the holiday season on Wednesday,November 26, 2014. This is a smart move as most people are too stuffed from turkey day to do anything but go to the movies, and it keeps Horrible Bosses 2 from competing with any serious competition during the summer, which is already jam-packed with action films.

As far as production on Horrible Bosses 2 goes, it’s seen a few change ups lately. Originally Seth Gordon was set to come back as director, as he directed the first Horrible Bosses. Then it was said back in August that Seth Gordon was no longer attached to the production after problems due to scheduling conflicts.

Horrible Bosses 2 seemed to be at a stand still, and then it was announced that We’re The Millers’ filmmakers Sean Anders and John Morris were poised to rewrite the script, and Anders would also direct the sequel. Since New Line has set a date for Horrible Bosses 2, it’s assumed that everything is fine in the land of production.

However, just because Horrible Bosses 2 has landed in a comfortable Thanksgiving date, doesn’t mean that they don’t have their work cut out for them. Although they won’t be competing against films in their genre, they will be competing for the number one spot with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It’s unlikely that they will snatch the lead away from the big action film franchise, but anything can happen.

One thing is for certain is that everyone is back on board for Horrible Bosses 2, which includes the returning cast Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman.